About Us

Why are we here? 

There is a huge problem in America today. It is called substance abuse. It affects many individuals, as well as communities, on many levels. Help is available, and there are plenty of professionals, organizations, charities and community services all across the country. However, which is the right one to go to? Who is best qualified for this or that specific case?

That is where we come in. Getting help can be overwhelming. Finding the right help even more so. We continuously collect names of agencies and keep track of their services and performance, so you don’t have to. Our website will offer you and direct you to the hands of the rights professionals for your specific case and ones that are the closest to you. Thereby saving you the time and energy you’d have to invest to sort through the maze of getting help.

We are the one go to place, where you’ll find all the help you need when trying to recover from alcohol, drug, or domestic abuse. When looking for help, look at our site, we are your free navigational resource.